Thomas Vaucher






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The Riddle Masters - A Tribute To Manilla Road

CD 1
Rosae Crucis – The Fires Of Mars
The Weird Lord Slough Feg – Street Jammer
Crystal Viper (feat. KAT) – Flaming Metal Systems
Ironsword – In The Veils Of Negative Existence
Against Nature (ex-Revelation / Penance) – Crystal Logic
Lord Haunted – Dig Me No Grave
Battleroar – Morbid Tabernacle / Isle Of The Dead
Solemnity – Mystification
Viron – The Dreams Of Eschaton

CD 2
Emerald – Divine Victim
Downcast – Death By The Hammer
Battlerage – Necropolis
Dantesco – Masque Of The Red Death           
Jotenheim – Queen Of The Black Coast
Rotten – Slaughterhouse
Denim & Leather – Open The Gates
Holy Martyr – Dragon Star
Tempus Fugit  (ex-Ligeia & Solemnity) – The Prophecy

T. Vaucher / Keyboards on 1 (CD2)

Label: Solemnity Music, Germany