Thomas Vaucher






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Mist Of The Past

Charles the Bold was Duke of Burgundy, yet in his power in no way inferior to the Kings of Europe. He commanded the most powerful army of Western Europe. But in his efforts to create a kingdom from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, the Swiss confederates came in his way. A seemingly small enemy - but underestimating them should turn out to be a big mistake. In the 15th century the federal army evolved into one of the most feared armies of Europe and their warriors were appreciated and famous as mercenaries in all camps. This small confederation should put a spike in the wheel of the mighty duke and bring the great dynasty of Burgundy to a fall …

Charles the Bold.
A name that terrified people and nations.
An army to conquer Europe.
But one small confederation stood against him and led him into his doom.
Let us undertake an expedition into the mist of the past.
Let us be witness of the struggle for power and freedom and the fall of the Burgundian Empire.
Let us take a dive straight into the burgundian wars, when drums were pounding and horns were roaring …