Thomas Vaucher






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Editions Reckoning Day

Regular CD Edition

Misprint CD Edition

Limited to 500 copies. Bonus Track (End of the World) included as Hidden Track.

Sold out.

Limited CD Edition

Limited to 500 copies, with 1 Bonustrack ("End Of The World") and Logo patch.

Sold out.

Double LP

Limited to 300 copies, with 1 Bonustrack ("End Of The World").

Outsider Special Edition

Limited to 15 copies. Including Double LP, Reckoning Day Patch, signed autograph card and plectrums of Michael Vaucher, Julien Menth & Vania Truttmann.

Sold out.

Päägib¨¨m Edition - beschränkti, ps¨nderigi Usgaab

Limited to 20 copies. Including Limited CD Edition, a special little tree air freshener ("tree full of tears") & a special case with all the titles in "Senslerdeutsch".

Sold out.